2011 NY Tech Summit Update: Sample Courses

2011 NY Tech Summit Update: Sample Courses

Last week we gave a little preview of our 2011 NY Tech Summit course topics - broad track categories such as virtualization, cloud computing, security and unified communications.

This week we wanted to give you a more granular approach of what kinds of courses might be offered under these tracks. Possible course classes may include:

  • Cloud Security
  • Designing the Data Center for Business
  • Optimizing Virtualization: Server, Storage & Network
  • Licensing In a Virtualized World
  • Ensuring Quality & Low Latency in Wireless
  • Presence: Creating Mobility & Anytime/Anywhere Availability
  • Wireless & Mobility
  • Communicating the Business Value of IT Strategies
  • Delivering on the Promise of the Internal Cloud; IaaS
  • Life Cycle Management & Sustainability
  • Life Inside A Green Data Center
  • Bridging the IT / Business Divide
  • Business Continuance, Back up & Disaster Recovery
  • Penetration Testing
  • Inside the Hacker’s Mind in 2011

Visit the Courses page for more info. If you're interested in speaking on one of these topics or courses, fill out a speaker application today - final applications are due Friday, February 25.

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We have come to NY Tech Summit for four years now and my team and I get a good variety of technical, business, and strategic sessions to complement our work objectives. I like that there is a balance of end users, consultants, and vendors to present and facilitate the sessions. The interaction is candid and engaging, but not a sales pitch. Being a regional conference helps, it is the right amount of time and location for a couple days to reenergize my team and refocus on our objectives. There seems to be quite a bit of peer discussion with a smaller conference, which I like.

- Randy
Director of IT