Course Highlight: Harley-Davidson Data Center Manager to Speak at Tech Summit

Course Highlight: Harley-Davidson Data Center Manager to Speak at Tech Summit

Senior Technical Lead, Data Center Facilities for Harley-Davidson Motor Company Mark Dereberry will present on "Server Virtualization – Quantifying the Return on Consolidation: A Case Study" at 2012 NY Tech Summit. This course could also be called, “How consolidation accidentally saved Harley-Davidson a ton of money!” Virtualization offers many benefits, including fewer servers to maintain, saved space in the data center and increased energy efficiency. Learn how Harley-Davidson Motor Company realized cost-saving benefits through server virtualization in this real-life case study. Mark started his IT career in 1991 supporting the data systems at Truman Medical Center in Kansas City where he was responsible for network and systems support.  Mark then managed a support staff for a small software design company where he managed the internal network and server infrastructure as well as an installation and support team. Mark landed at Harley-Davidson Motor Company in 1998 in the network operations team supporting the new manufacturing plant in Kansas City.  While with Harley he has served several roles within the company finally landing in his current position as Senior Technical Lead Data Center Facilities.  In this role Mark bridges the gap between facilities and IT.  Mark brings his IT experience and facilities knowledge to better support the IT systems in the data center. Harley-Davidson Motor Company has continued to grow its business globally and Mark’s team has coordinated the installation and implementation of needed data center components.  He also led the IT team in the completion in the construction of a new data center in Milwaukee Wisconsin where the team was responsible for the planning, design, and construction phases of the project. View other courses in the Data Center and Network Infrastructure Course Track



We have come to NY Tech Summit for four years now and my team and I get a good variety of technical, business, and strategic sessions to complement our work objectives. I like that there is a balance of end users, consultants, and vendors to present and facilitate the sessions. The interaction is candid and engaging, but not a sales pitch. Being a regional conference helps, it is the right amount of time and location for a couple days to reenergize my team and refocus on our objectives. There seems to be quite a bit of peer discussion with a smaller conference, which I like.

- Randy
Director of IT