Hot Topics for NY Tech Summit 2014

Hot Topics for NY Tech Summit 2014

Posted on 12/20/2013

Hot topics for speakers at NY Tech SummitAs always, we want to provide a great event in June. So, we are working to put together high quality content for this year’s NY Tech Summit.  We are well on the way.

We have collected this list of topics from the NY Tech Summit community. The content schedule for 2014 will be comprised of topics like this.

How did we come up with the hot topics?

To do this, we have enlisted the help of an advisory committee consisting of IT professionals in the NY Tech Summit community. We invited this committee to attend a day-long meeting where we sought out feedback, ideas, and opinions. 

We wanted members of the advisory committee to provide the kinds of useful information they wanted or needed to help them solve key problems and make them (and their teams) more effective. We got all of that and much more.

It was a very productive day. From the information we gathered, we have been able to develop a list of hot topics. These topics are categorized into 5 tracks. The tracks are a change from years past, but will provide the information in a new, refreshing, and meaningful way.

So, let’s take a look at the list.

The List of Hot Topics for NY Tech Summit

First off, the list of hot topics are listed by the following categories:

  1. Value Centered IT
  2. Process and Operational Optimization
  3. Visibility, Performance, and Analysis
  4. Cloud
  5. Virtualization and Data Center

These categories will allow speakers and attendees to address topics, issues, trends, and problems in the IT world in a more practical, effective way.

There are several hot topics listed under each category. We encourage you to take a look at the full list of hot topics.

See the full list of hot topics for 2014 NY Tech Summit.



It’s a little different perspective than I’ve gotten from other tradeshows, other organizations, other groups. That’s the part that has made it more interesting.

- MJ
Voice Team Leader