IT & Tech Halloween Costumes

IT & Tech Halloween Costumes

[caption id="attachment_2033" align="alignleft" width="570" caption="It's always so awkward when some one else is wearing the same costume as you..."][/caption] We found some surefire winners for your office’s best costume contest – or at least, get a few fist bumps from the rest of the IT department for a job well done. Don’t worry, most of them are super-easy – you may just even have these things in your closet already, and we linked our costume suggestions for some inspiration. If you insist on skipping the costume party but want to get in the Halloween spirit, we did find some great, geeky pumpkin-carving templates, courtesy of Facebook: large piece of cardboard decorated to look like a Facebook wall, insert head where profile photo should go, maintain disregard for personal privacy. Steve Jobs: Black turtleneck, jeans, brown belt and shoes, round frameless glasses, iPhone, air of genius and superiority. Cloud Computing: adhere lots of cotton balls to a blue sweatshirt and sweatpants, create IT-related accessories such as a necklace made out of a mouse or cabling; bonus points for being able to explain cloud computing to a co-worker when they ask, “So…what are you?” Green IT: brown pants; adhere leaves to a green sweatshirt, same IT-related accessories as Cloud Computing costume. The Twitter Bird: dress as a blue bird, speak in hashtags and RTs only unless you’re telling everyone how they’re doing social media wrong (because today, you ARE a social media expert-strategist-ninja-guru). Bonus points for getting a co-worker to dress up like the fail whale. FarmVille: dress like your FarmVille avatar; constantly bug people throughout the day to help you build a stable for your horses. Blue Screen of Death: Dress in all blue, write a classic BSOD message on your shirt with white puffy paint – “A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer…” Refuse to do any work for the entire day. FourSquare: A giant square with a “4” on it (okay, it's the best we could come up with); announce your location constantly and loudly (“I just became mayor of the Ted’s cubicle!”). YouTube: be your own viral video sensation – title: “Annoying Co-Worker at Office Halloween Party.” Use this as an excuse to tell stories about your kids and eat the last Rice Krispie treat. Google: Wear a white shirt with the logo and offer to find anything. Feeling lucky button optional. What to do after the cider is gone and the awkwardness of the office Halloween party fades? Upload your photos to Mashable’s Geeky Halloween Costumes 2010 Flickr group, of course.



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