Tech Trade Shows: The Big Topics at Enterprise Connect 2011

Tech Trade Shows: The Big Topics at Enterprise Connect 2011

We've been tracking recent IT trade shows to stay ahead on hot topics and upcoming trends. One such show: Enterprise Connect.

Blair Pleasant's wrap-up post, "Enterprise Connect 2011 - What A Show!"  mentioned cloud computing, interoperability and social media as major topics of the trade show.

Top Coverage Highlights from Enterprise Connect Orlando 2011 include mentions of 2011 NY Tech Summit Premier Sponsor Cisco and 2011 NY Tech Summit Exhibitor Jabra, as well as stories on cloud computing, unified communications and mobility - all course topics at 2011 NY Tech Summit.

Rih Hartnett of HP (a 2011 NY Tech Summit premier sponsor) was on hand at Enteprise Connect to talk about unified communications and collaboration - the video below is a great summary of UCC offerings from HP:

Also check out Enterprise Connect post-show content, including presentations, keynotes, photos & more!



It’s a little different perspective than I’ve gotten from other tradeshows, other organizations, other groups. That’s the part that has made it more interesting.

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