2018 Hot Topics

2018 Hot Topics

Where is your organization going? What are the biggest challenges facing our industry today? These "hot topics" are a snapshot of just that. We have aggregated feedback from industry trends, our advisors and past attendees, to be the guiding force behind what will become the 2018 NY Tech Summit Agenda.

As technology evolves and the role of IT in business changes, we're left to figure out what exactly the "New Normal" is? Time after time we're answering the questions; Should we? Could we? Would we?

  • Business Intelligence, every vendor has a solution, which one is right for my organization?
  • "The Cloud"
    • When and when not to pursue a cloud solution
    • Balancing projected costs vs. actual costs
    • Maintaining business continuity in the cloud – if the internet is down, how do we work?
    • Cloud transformation, what does it mean?
    • Cost effective bandwidth
    • How does the move from Standard IT CapEx purchases (typically depreciating over 3-5 years) to a cloud based monthly recurring charge (typically based on usage or user counts) affect an IT organizations budget process?
    • Are all cloud based services considered to be operational expenses? How does this affect the organizations ability to both project budget expenses? What needs to be considered from an accounting treatment to best evaluate the options to an organization for ROI when including depreciation and tax implications?
  • What is "containerization" (container-based virtualization) and what do we do with it?
  • Managing "Tele-Everything"; tele-health, remote workers, bandwidth implications
  • Mobile Apps; challenges, advantages, use cases
  • How to effectively optimize implementations before moving on to the next thing.
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
    • Accommodating the need to be connected to everything, everywhere and at all times
    • Remote monitoring
      • Tracking wearables
      • Leveraging business intelligence tools for data visualization
      • Data warehousing/mining
  • When to consider open source vs. commercial solutions. What are the risks and rewards?
  • Total technology expenditures are increasing outside of IT as business units spec and integrate their own tech

IT is not immune from the challenges of staffing, training and retention. How do we build the best teams to provide the best-in-class business solutions?

  • Staff Development
    • From soft skills to critical thinking, it's imperative to be looking at the bigger picture and not just answering the question at hand.
  • Training Time
    • Striking the balance of company sponsored training and self-study
    • Keeping up to date on technology
    • Where's the budget money??
  • HR for IT – how to recruit, grow and retain
  • Limit cycle time by enabling end-user self-sufficiency
  • Project Management – planning, execution and results sharing are critical

Often IT is seen as the basement dwellers, the fixers, but not leaders. How do we pull IT out from the basement and into the boardroom?

  • Establishing the value of IT as a strategic partner
  • Focus on the business impact of IT decisions
  • IT as sales people
    • ROI is being replaced by business outcomes
    • Learning to network within your organization and understand the needs of the business
  • Functional data analysis models and practices: Many organizations struggle to adequately analyze the data they already possess yet are still focusing on the elusive "big data" dream.
  • Have you tested incident response plans for weakness/failure points?
  • Copper/SIP alternatives for voice services
  • Devices on wireless systems
    • Density, bandwidth, security and compliance implications
    • Managing the growing number of wireless devices within the corporate workplace
    • Meeting the security needs of the mobile workforce
    • Data protection for mobile
  • Shifting the perception of IT as a cost center to a strategic business partner
  • Creating the strategic plan in alignment with the rest of the business
  • Creating a Partnership, not just a vendor relationship
    • Leverage the institutional knowledge of a partnership over buying on price alone
    • Finding the right partner
    • Navigating the noise & scare tactics
  • Optimizing vs. simply implementing, IT can show value by maximizing existing technologies and focusing on user adoption.
  • Be a resource – providing real-time, digestible dashboards for all business units
  • Aligning with the business units to bridge the gap

There is no bigger concern within organizations today than SECURITY. Striking the balance of function and security is key.

  • What are the best practices? Tools, processes, layer, audits, etc.
  • Cutting through the noise when every vendor is an expert with the best solution
  • Remote workers – balancing security with accessibility and user experience
  • Security training, from IT to the end user
  • Security in regulatory and reimbursement environments
  • Managing the expectation of the user
  • Where does security live in the organization and how is it communicated
  • Policy development
  • Ensuring readiness with penetration testing

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