2019 Hot Topics

2019 Hot Topics

How many hats do you wear at work? Are you on the clock 24/7? Do security threats keep you up at night? When do you find the time to keep current on the industry’s latest information and trends, which seem to change daily?

Do these "hot topics" sound familiar? We have aggregated feedback from industry trends, our advisors and past attendees, to be the guiding force behind what will become the 2019 NY Tech Summit Agenda.

IT professionals in today’s business environment need to possess leadership skills for working with a variety of audiences, including, but not limited to external, internal customers, executive level, management, and entry level. What multi-disciplinary skills do you need in order to lead your department or organization?

  • Operational vs. Strategic: Which priority gets the most of your leadership time during the work day?
  • Who do you struggle with more when trying to break down the internal IT relationship barriers: CISO vs. CIO; IT vs. Facilities; IT vs. your organization’s end users?
  • Departmental resources, both physical and personnel: Providing realistic solutions to your C-Suite and staff!
  • External communications: How to establish and implement organizational guidelines.
  • Vendors: How to manage them, ensure they perform to your standards, and maintain accountability.
  • Organizational process: Just because it has a power switch doesn’t always mean it’s an IT issue.
  • IT standards vs. making business management better: Where should IT professionals draw the line?
  • Willingness of the organization to change for the better: Where does IT fit in the process?
  • Collaboration isn’t just a technical term: What it takes to be a well-rounded IT leader and work with all departments.
  • How current are your project management skill requirements?
  • IT project vs. business project: Knowing the difference, prioritizing, and managing each accordingly.


Everyone in the company expects IT to always be available and always have the solution to their IT problem, even at 2:00 a.m.! To be able to solve their problem, it’s important to realize that technology is ever-changing and there’s always something new to learn. How current are you when it comes to Technology vs. People?

  • How to manage the 24/7 workday expectation.
  • "I’m too busy to fix my IT problem, you do it!" Business skills to deal with "busy" coworkers.
  • If the expectation is to be experts at everything, the result is often master of none.
  • Staff education to help IT avoid being the scapegoat when something fails.
  • How to understand and help develop the end user knowledge level, including the remote worker.
  • How to keep your IT staff trained and current.
  • Staff transformation… are you willing to reinvent yourself to meet today’s challenges?
  • How does your staff stay relevant in a cloud-based world?
  • Users email is uncontrollable… how do you manage it?
  • The line between when IT should do the work and when the end user should do it.

Remember when you heard the call, "Red Rover, Red Rover, send my data on over," and all you had to worry about was having the right technology to do that? Not anymore! As the technological evolution continues to grow and evolve at an astounding rate, are you prepared to handle the tsunami of requests heading your way in order to make your organization’s data move faster, safer, and easier?

  • Pace of technology vs. real-world challenges of time, willingness to change, and costs of implementing change.
  • How to best prepare for a merger or acquisition.
  • Storage: How to best plan for capacity, management, and backups while managing cost, downtime, and accessibility.
  • Managing your network: Planning and troubleshooting both external and internal issues.
  • Wireless: Planning for coverage capacity, troubleshooting, and BYOD concerns.
  • Planning for standards iterations: Cost vs. capacity
  • IoT vs. "traditional IT" conflicts and needs
  • Collaboration communication (we’ll need a little more info here)
  • Build vs. buy: How to determine what works best for your system
  • Business vertical input/interoperability
  • Audits! You can’t prevent them. How to best manage multiple audits and sensitive information while meeting security, privacy, and HIPAA regulations.
  • AI, MDM SSO Availability, Planning, Data Driven Decisions
    • What business might best fit these technologies?
    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • A Single Sign-On: How do I take multiple systems and more, becoming cloud-based and make them simple but secure for our end users?
  • Blockchain
    • What business might best fit these technologies?
    • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Hyperconvergence
    • Why – Why Not
    • The data center is getting smaller and smaller, with hyperconvergence the compute power packed in a smaller footprint is attractive to allow IT to be very flexible.

Security continues to be one of the hottest topics, and biggest challenges, the tech industry has ever faced. IT pros work hard to protect their environments and patch vulnerabilities, and they rely on you for the solutions they need most. However, security risks are constantly changing. Are you prepared or just sitting still, fingers crossed, hoping for the best?

  • Weighing security requirements vs. business needs
  • How to teach users to stop clicking on every link they see
  • The balance of physical equipment and virtual safeguards
  • Formulating an update strategy
  • What compromises can you live with, and what are must-haves?
  • Striking the balance between ease-of-use and requirements
  • Raising user awareness: Phishing emails
  • Privacy, Risk/BCP
  • How Alexa is changing the face and voice of security
  • Backup and edge
  • Controlling the uncontrollable: Getting a handle on esers email activity
  • Fault tolerance
  • Regulatory compliance and the costs associated with it
  • How to manage multiple audits, even the simultaneous ones
  • Cyber insurance: Why you should have it, how to get it, and understanding levels of coverage




This is a great time to network. It’s a great time to come out and see what the new products are… I find this very informative.

- James
Manager, IT Services