2011 IT Trends

2011 IT Trends


The Christmas tree is taken down, the champagne is gone, and the ball dropped. It's 2011, and time to go back to work. If you’ve been getting back into the swing of things by scanning your Twitter feed or visiting your go-to tech sites for the past few days, we’re sure you’ve noticed a repeating story: top IT trends of 2011. It's almost impossible to resist the headlines - after all, who doesn't love a good top ten list?

Cloud computing. Desktop virtualization. Mobilization. Consumerization. Tablet-ization. (Ok, the last word is definitely made-up, but I was running with the theme.)

While these trends may apply to some organizations, chances are, your IT department’s transition to the cloud is slow (or non-existent) and nobody’s handing out iPads to every employee. So while it may seem like everybody else is virtualized and mobilized, it's not necessarily the case.

Most likely, you’re dealing with a “do more with less” approach to IT: a stagnant budget, decreasing staff numbers and an increased demand of services. And if this isn’t the case in your department, congratulations. The rest of us are pretty jealous.

Instead of feeling behind on all the latest and greatest IT trends, focus on your own department’s strengths, shortcomings, and areas for improvement during 2011. Develop a disaster recovery plan. Focus on storage. Get your hardware maintenance plans in order. Work with HR to finalize a social media policy. Transform your helpdesk operation into a well-oiled machine.

Aim high, but consider your resources and be realistic. Come up with specific goals for your IT department and create a plan to get there. The guy who makes a New Year’s resolution to lose 50 pounds this year will be the one scarfing down donuts in the break room come Valentine’s Day. Choosing to drink more water and take walks during lunch with the goal of having a good annual checkup? Much more effective.

Still can’t resist those lists? We’ve collected our favorites here. Some are predictable, some less so, and some are right on the money. Happy 2011!

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We have come to NY Tech Summit for four years now and my team and I get a good variety of technical, business, and strategic sessions to complement our work objectives. I like that there is a balance of end users, consultants, and vendors to present and facilitate the sessions. The interaction is candid and engaging, but not a sales pitch. Being a regional conference helps, it is the right amount of time and location for a couple days to reenergize my team and refocus on our objectives. There seems to be quite a bit of peer discussion with a smaller conference, which I like.

- Randy
Director of IT