2019 NY Tech Summit: A Recap of Artificial Intelligence in the Data Center

2019 NY Tech Summit: A Recap of Artificial Intelligence in the Data Center

Posted on 06/27/2019

By Toby Coleridge, VP of Product at HiveIO


In early June, I had the opportunity to speak at the NY Tech Summit, an information technology (IT) conference held in upstate New York. The 2019 focus was on helping organizations understand not only how the technology works, but also how users can gain business value from it. More importantly, attendees explored how businesses can make use of technology to deliver strategic outcomes for their organizations.

If you weren’t able to attend the conference, my presentation – "AI is everywhere and set to eat the datacenter alive, but how can you get a business advantage from it?" – provided attendees with an overview of practical use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) in the data center. I shared the different areas of AI and how it’s being adopted in the data center to build more intelligent infrastructure that can manage itself and drive business outcomes.


Traditional Automation Evolves Into AI

For me, helping people reduce the amount of time spent managing their IT infrastructure has always been an area of interest, as I have been on the other side of the day-to-day reconfigurations and constant monitoring. So, the initial leap of innovation from a product perspective was to automate mundane tasks, like monitoring the status of virtual machines. These automated processes are the initial step toward creating an intelligent data center.

Moving beyond initial or traditional automation, we’re now seeing AI as a replacement. Although it is still in the early stages (especially for on-premise infrastructure), the potential is indisputable.


Understanding Assisted, Augmented, and Autonomous AI

AI has certainly gained a lot of mainstream attention, and it's fair to say it has a small but growing foothold in the datacenter. But what exactly is its function in IT? It starts by understanding there are different ways that AI can be used, including:

  • Assisted AI – Repeating tasks that humans are already doing
  • Augmented AI – Enabling humans to do more than what they’re currently capable of doing
  • Autonomous AI – Fully accomplishing a task without human interaction

AI has mainly assisted in the data center through Assisted AI so far enhancing what would have previously been accomplished by manual human intervention or automation.

A great example of this is in the security space. For instance, there is an ongoing battle to keep out spam, malware, and phishing attacks from employees’ email and wider systems. AI is now used to learn patterns and improve decision making on what is considered an attack or spam. It is also able to continuously adapt as attacks become more sophisticated.


How Can Your Business Benefit?

According to IDC, AI spending will reach $52.2 billion in 2021. However, looking for solutions that use AI because it's the latest and greatest technology is not a strategic approach. At a high level, the following process flow should always be in the back of your mind when thinking about the value AI brings to the business and data center.



Before implementing AI into a project, ask yourself:

  • How does AI help to improve the product, technology or solution?
  • What real value does AI add to my organization?
  • How will AI help meet our business outcomes?

These simple questions will help you better understand the value add of AI toward a specific business outcome.


You’re AI Ready? So Is Hive Fabric.

Once you determine if AI is right for your projected business outcome, the next steps don’t have to be challenging.

Hive Fabric is an AI-ready solution that can be deployed in less than 24-hours. Our Message Bus is the foundation of the platform and ultimately how we get assistance from AI to help you drive business outcomes faster. From day one we have ensured that the messages are in the same consistent format for easy usability.

Today, some of our managed service providers (MSPs) are experimenting with integrating Hive Fabric into their AI engines. This will help deliver improved support to their end customers by identifying datacenter issues earlier and gaining increased insight into how the infrastructure is used and reacts to end-user load.


If you are interested in learning more about the AI-ready Hive Fabric solution visit www.hiveio.com/solutions/hyperconverged-fabric.




We have come to NY Tech Summit for four years now and my team and I get a good variety of technical, business, and strategic sessions to complement our work objectives. I like that there is a balance of end users, consultants, and vendors to present and facilitate the sessions. The interaction is candid and engaging, but not a sales pitch. Being a regional conference helps, it is the right amount of time and location for a couple days to reenergize my team and refocus on our objectives. There seems to be quite a bit of peer discussion with a smaller conference, which I like.

- Randy
Director of IT