Benefits of Round Table Discussions for IT Pros

Benefits of Round Table Discussions for IT Pros

Each year, NY Tech Summit offers attendees the opportunity to participate in round table discussions based on course track topics.  So why should you attend one of these sessions?

IT professionals don't often get the chance to meet others in their field. Take the opportunity to meet other attendees during a round table session - you may gain a technical resource, some one to bounce ideas off of or a professional mentor. Obvious benefits aside, it's valuable to chat with someone outside of your company who understands the challenges and frustrations of your position.

Ask questions.
Course sessions often have limited Q&A time, which means answers aren't always as in-depth or technical as needed. Round table sessions allow attendees to thoroughly explore an issue with the aid of a knowledgeable, experienced moderator.

Get different viewpoints.
Every IT operation is different - which generates vastly different viewpoints on subjects like virtualization, cloud computing and green IT. Getting outside viewpoints may present challenges you wouldn't have seen coming or solutions not otherwise considered.

Share your own knowledge and expertise.
Not only can you access additional resources for a specific project you're working on, but you can also share your own experiences and knowledge with other IT pros. You can build credibility, expand your network and help a colleague out.

We'll be rolling out the 2011 NY Tech Summit course schedule in the next couple months - as you begin planning your personal schedule, be sure to include a round table or two on a topic that interests you.



This is a great time to network. It’s a great time to come out and see what the new products are… I find this very informative.

- James
Manager, IT Services