Top 15 Reasons to Attend NY Tech Summit 2019

Top 15 Reasons to Attend NY Tech Summit 2019

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15 Reasons to Attend NY Tech Summit

Attending conferences in 2019 is a must, the possibilities for your business are endless; but how do you know if it will be worth your budget money?

NY Tech Summit is not just a conference, we understand that you spend money as an attendee to see exhibits, and speakers here and there, but we’ve brought more to the table because we know how important your investments are in trusting a conference to adopt new connections and content for your company.

In our 15th year, we’ve grown with each conference we host and work diligently to envision how the technological trends and challenges are going to affect your company in years to come and shape our speakers, roundtables, and more to fit the forthcoming adaptations in the industry.

We’d like to think NY Tech Summit is a summertime easter egg for Central New Yorkers. Conferences don’t happen every day, especially in Central New York, so we make sure to jam-pack our 2-3 day event for our attendees which as much education and networking as possible, so you can be sure to say it was “worth every penny”.

While we have a list for miles of ways NY Tech Summit is worth your registration, “15 reasons why” seemed the most fitting, as we dive headstrong into our 15th year of providing top-notch information for our attendees.

1. We Wrote Your Business Justification

We get it, it’s difficult to persuade your boss to let you play hookey all day to go have fun at a conference (while there are going to be games at NY Tech Summit, it’s strictly business! Or at least that’s what you can tell them). We’ve done the dirty work for you so you don’t have to feel alone in the process of asking to attend a conference with a questionable budget.

While we do have competitive pricing for our attendees, we understand that unplanned conferences that are not factored into the budget early on, are hard to pass.

Head over to our “Justify your Attendance” tab, here, and understand why our first reason to attend is that we care about the conversations you have leading up to NY Tech Summit, and want you to have as much ammo to describe how cool this conference is. We mention how you can attend classes from security to business leadership, so there is room for all different opportunities -- a conference that can provide it all!

2. Unmatchable Educational Sessions

The event will feature more than 40+ educational sessions about current and emerging technologies, case studies, and industry trends presented by practicing IT professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders.

You can experience industry-leading speakers from a variety of environments, end-users, OEMs, and technology solution providers, such as Cisco, Fortinet, Poly, and so many more!

From “Redefining the Value of the IT Lifecycle” to “A Low-Cost Security Monitoring Solution”, you don’t have to worry about fitting in, because there are sessions for everyone at every point in their business.

3. HOT-Hot topics

The NY Tech Summit conference will focus on a variety of hot topics including: Transformational Leadership, Maximizing Staff and User Abilities, Accelerating the Technology of Business, Security, Risk, and Compliance.

We know you are wearing many hats at work each day and on the clock 24/7. You’re fighting the bad guys who are a threat to security and are constantly working to protect your business’s collateral. But, when do you find the time to keep current on the industry’s latest information and trends, which seem to change daily?

We have aggregated feedback from industry trends, your peers, our advisers, and past attendees, to be the guiding force behind the 2019 NY Tech Summit Agenda, which is why this year is so important. It's all about YOU!

4. After Hours at The Turquoise Tiger

Alright, this is number 4 on the list, but we all know this is the key to NY Tech Summit, who doesn’t love a good After Hours?

You go from spending all day Thursday learning and networking with peers at NY Tech Summit, and can continue to network and build those relationships throughout the evening at our attendee party, After Hours at The Turquoise Tiger!

After Hours at The Turquoise Tiger will take place at Turning Stone's Exit 33 venue, immediately following the networking reception held on the NY Tech Summit exhibit floor. This year's party will feature hors d'oeuvres and cocktails.

5. An Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Retired NFL running back and former ESPN analyst, Merril Hoge will share his inspirational “Find A Way” message.

In 2003, Merril was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which he fought – and beat – using the same tenacity he demonstrated on the field. He shares his moving story in his memoir Find a Way: Three Words That Changed My Life.

In 2018, Merril published his provocative book Brainwashed: The Bad Science Behind CTE and the Plot to Destroy Football.

Merril Hoge inspires audiences with his story of prevailing over life's hurdles through strength and determination while achieving success through hard work and perseverance.

You, too, can "Find Your Way" at this year's NY Tech Summit.


6. Networking, Networking, and More Networking

Don’t miss out on the continuous opportunities to network with hundreds of IT professionals at this year’s conference. From chatting on the exhibit floor to our must-attend after-hours event, the opportunities are limitless!

Interact 1:1 with industry-leading IT manufacturers and solution providers. This face-to-face networking and relationship-building opportunities have proven to create valuable connections that last long after the conference ends.

7. The 2019 Speakers

From directors of IT to CEOs, we have gathered the best of the best to present at NY Tech Summit 2019. Our speakers are experienced professionals, working in the trenches who are leveraging technology to drive business success. We choose our speakers carefully and strategically to be a fit for all, whether you're looking to increase your security, or support a trending business model.

8. Industry-Leading Exhibitors and Sponsors

We care about our exhibitors and sponsors; they find value in NY Tech Summit and feel being a part of our conference is beneficial to their business strategy. From giving away memorable knick-knacks to taking the time to understand the problems in your business and offering a solution, our exhibitors know what you want. 

Experience unbridled access to the top IT manufacturers and solution providers, making NY Tech Summit the ideal forum for immersing yourself in all things tech. Learn first-hand about the latest tech by meeting 1:1 with booth staff, and gaining both knowledge and potential contact information from people who want to help!

9. An App to Keep You Organized

The NY Tech Summit app allows attendees to connect with the happenings of the conference, so you never have to wonder where anything is. Use the app to:

  • Search the conference schedule and create your personal event agendaTake, save, and share notes and photos
  • Rate and provide feedback to our speakers
  • Connect and network with fellow attendees, speakers, and exhibitors
  • Locate exhibitors on the tradeshow floor
  • Play to with our “App”enger game

We want you to be able to move from educational session to exhibit with the push of a button, so you know exactly when to be where.

From games to making connections, the app allows you to see and do everything you want to, without sacrificing time to manually map out your conference strategy. We support your need for speed!

Check out the app download, here.


10. NY Tech Summit Advisory Committee

Each year we assemble an advisory committee comprised of IT professionals from numerous industries, with diverse backgrounds and career levels to guide the development of NY Tech Summit. They assist the NY Tech Summit planning team in setting the overall event theme, developing content and ensuring the conference aligns with what’s challenging businesses today.

The advisory committee spends months prepping speakers, exhibitors, and social plans to help you stay in the loop on all the happenings with NY Tech Summit.

11. A Venue to Brag About

NY Tech Summit is held at Turning Stone Resort & Casino, one of the five top tourist destinations in New York. Stay close to the conference and enjoy all that Turning Stone has to offer, from the food to the hospitality, this is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy.


12. World-Class Workshops

Our workshops are a MUST. While they are not included in the regular conference pricing, for just $100 more, register for the 3-day pass to NY Tech Summit and you get to experience educational workshops focusing on the latest technological trends and challenges! Don’t miss your chance to learn and network with the following industry leaders. Below are the workshop headlines:

  • Fortifying the Enterprise Network with NGFW and Secure SD-WAN
  • Live, interactive penetration test (hacking) demonstration – how the pros "get in" 
  • Cisco Advanced Collaboration Experience 
  • Be Prepared, It’s not if, it’s when…
  • Cyber Security in Outsourcing and the Supply Chain "Risk Management and Controls"
  • Creating a Comprehensive Security Fabric

For more information about the workshops, check them out here. 

13. Play to Win!

We offer many opportunities to win prizes throughout your time at the conference. Just by showing up, you are already entered in for a chance to win one of our many grand prizes that are definitely something you'll want, whether hanging from a mantle, or in your ears (hint, hint).

We offer opportunities to win prizes just from filling out the many surveys we offer -- we support your feedback and use it to fuel the next NY Tech Summit based on your answers!

Check out our in-app "app-enger" game, as well, where you can play in your idle time for a potential prize following the conference!

While networking and learning are a huge seller for conference attendance, we won't tell anyone you're in it for the games!

We will also be providing a non-prize gaming area where you can relax and recharge with other professionals who need a break from all the fun.

14. Lightning Talks

This is a new feature and a good one! These aren't your normal, run-of-the-mill presentations -- these are happening in real time, on the exhibitor floor, so you can interact and hear first-hand from industry-leading speakers.

Lightning talks are focused, 15-minute presentations, designed for you to be able to walk from exhibit to speaker with ease, and not miss a single second of tech-knowledge.

As you are strolling from company to company, learning how innovative technology can help drive your business success, you stop for a moment at a "Lightning Talk" stage set up right next to the exhibitors, with a speaker you can interact with.

Nothing compares to seeing new technology firsthand with in-depth descriptions – having the opportunity to explore its capabilities and ask your questions on demand.

15. World-Class Agenda

We understand what you need. We know you are an IT professional in today's business environment, needing to be a leader for many audiences ranging from internal customers, executive level, management, to entry level. Everyone in the company expects IT to always be available and always have the solution to their IT problem, even at 2:00 a.m.! To be able to solve their problem, it’s important to realize that technology is ever-changing and there’s always something new to learn.

That's why we've crafted an agenda that puts the end-user in mind. We know how important it is to have the right technology to do your job, and the security you have challenges with, so we took this year's hot topics and melted them into an agenda for everyone.

Our Wednesday Workshops (not included in general registration pricing) offer the hands-on experience you need, on Thursday we have a wide range of opportunity from a motivational keynote speaker, to exhibits, to our various hot-topic presentations, to roundtables (don't forget the breakfast and lunch); and lastly, our Friday presentations with breakfast, roundtables, and our final grand prize drawings -- we've included it all!

To see the specifics and plan out where you'll be on June 5-7, check out our agenda, here


If the 15 Reasons above weren't enough, we have plenty more to be excited about. Follow us on social to hear about specific presenters, exhibitors, and sponsors you can get excited about. Our 15th year will be the best yet, you'll have to come to check it out for yourself!

Register here, today, for the experience of the year!



This is a great time to network. It’s a great time to come out and see what the new products are… I find this very informative.

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