True Business Technology Solutions and Security Big Themes at NY Tech Summit

True Business Technology Solutions and Security Big Themes at NY Tech Summit

Posted on 05/30/2019

There are a lot of important parts in a well-oiled business machine. For decades, we have seen technology becoming more ingrained in daily life.

With these changes, technology has also become more important to business organizations to serve the needs, wants, and expectations of those they serve. Information technology professionals understand this and are exploring ways to effectively implement creative, efficient, and secure business technology solutions.

This is an ongoing theme in the worlds of business and IT. That’s why they are a big focus at NY Tech Summit, as well.

Make business more efficient and help people through better IT

Information technology can be a key for businesses to unlock new ways to do all sorts of things:

  • Improve communication with internal and external customers
  • Reach new audiences effectively
  • Enhance user experiences to increase sales, retention rates, and long-term value of customers
  • Better management of time and resources
  • Optimize usage of business data to make better decisions and troubleshoot challenges
  • Maximize efficiency in business processes and daily operational functions

You get the point. The list really could go on and on.

That’s why there’s a strong focus on creating valuable business solutions through IT at NY Tech Summit. 

Here’s a sample of sessions from this year’s conference:

  • IT for Building Automation Systems
  • Drive Business Efficiency through Digital Transformation
  • Observe & Report! Managing Relationships with Service Providers and Holding Them Accountable
  • Hyperconvergence: Why now and how to plan for it
  • Your Team 2.0 why Emotional Intelligence Beats Technical Intelligence
  • How Megatrends may force you to rethink your current business model
  • Embracing AI, Augmentation and Automation
  • Ever-changing Tech: Catch up of Leg up with Confidence
  • Redefining the IT Value Life Cycle

Learn more about the educational content: Hot Topics | Conference Agenda

Good security is a part of good information technology solutions

Of course, no business solution means much if it is not secure. That’s why security continues to be a high priority for IT professionals and the C-suite.

Data can be incredibly valuable. Protecting valuable and sensitive data is critical for so many reasons. 

We see the sad stories of big tech companies not securing customer data. The people who entrusted a company with their data face risk, exposure, and loss.

In turn, companies face similar risks and the consequences of the market. That is just one example we see in the news. As IT professionals know, it’s the tip of a large iceberg. 

The list of information security considerations is seemingly endless. Since this is such a critical component to providing business solutions and services, you will find a wide variety of security sessions at NY Tech Summit. Furthermore, you’ll find plenty of the top technology vendors will be focusing on security.

Here’s a sample of how security will be a focus of sessions at NY Tech Summit:

  • Data Breach – Now What?
  • Real Case Studies from Security Incidents right Here in Central NY
  • Low Cost Security Monitoring Solution
  • Current Trends in Data Privacy that Every IT Department Should Know
  • DarkWeb Dissection – Leveraging the Hidden Layer of the Internet
  • Risk Mitigation: The Current State of domestic & International Cyber Liability
  • Vendor Risk; The Back Door You Can’t Leave Unlocked
  • What IT Leaders Need to Know About Cybersecurity

Learn more about this year’s event: Hot Topics | Conference Agenda

Conference topics and features shaped by IT professionals and leaders

In order to deliver the right conference content and features year after year, we turn to people like you, real IT professional and IT leaders. With the help of our advisory board, a conference is created that represents the priorities, concerns, and wants of people in IT and business technology.

Every year a knowledgeable and diverse group of IT professionals comes together to share their insights, experiences, opportunities, challenges, and stories from the field. It’s a really amazing collaboration.

The result of this collaboration is the creation of great list of topics that aligns with those who would want to attend NY Tech Summit. 

The advisory board dedicates time to provide input and feedback as the conference is created each year. From the daily sessions and workshops to specific features of the event, they help shape the conference to make it a great experience for everyone. 

This helps the event feel like the annual meeting of a community each June.

If you are a member of this community, we look forward to seeing you again. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend the conference yet, we hope to see you in June. It’s a community you really need to be a part of!

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