Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers 2019

As we enter our 15th exciting year, the 2019 NY Tech Summit will focus on how information technology can drive business success.

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to participate in a peer-to-peer setting, learning from one another the challenges and successes facing today's IT community. Real-world scenarios will come to light through a combination of case studies, thought-leader presentations, discussion groups, and panels.

With an expected attendance of nearly 400 IT professionals, we are accepting presentations that address the biggest challenges facing organizations today such as IT evolution, lifecycle of IT employees, transformational leadership, functional security and more. If you have an exciting initiative, case study or success story, we want to hear about it! Check out this year’s hot topics for more detail. 

Hot Topics List


How It Works

Submit an abstract to be reviewed by our Advisory Committee, comprised of community members from a wide variety of organizations.

As you craft your abstract, please consider the following elements:

1. Relevant

The topic presented is closely connected to the hot topics identified by the advisory committee

2. Useful

The content of the presentation contains useful information that can be put into practice by IT leaders.

3. Engaging

The speaker engages the audience through the use of an essential question or guiding story/case study that keeps the audience interested for a 45 minute session (or half/full-day workshop)! The speakers vocal style and stage presence is confident, comfortable, natural - sometimes humorous - and thought provoking.


What happens next?

Our Advisory Committee will assess the relevance of your submission(s) based on the Hot Topics and grading rubric. They may also suggest improvements or changes. We will respond to you as soon as possible to inform you whether or not your presentation has been accepted onto the 2019 agenda.


What do you need to submit?

  • Presentation title (10 words or less)
  • Brief presentation description (150 words or less)
  • Brief speaker bio (100 words or less)
  • Submission type: Session (45 min) -or- Workshop (half or full-day)


Speaker Application


If selected, this information will be published in event material. Please ensure all information submitted is accurate.

We will be accepting applications until December 31, 2018.  All applications will be reviewed by our advisory committee. Abstracts submitted to the committee as marketing will be rejected without review. In cases where you think a marketing message may be a concern, we strongly encourage you to partner with a customer and include users and relevant use-cases.

We appreciate the contribution and commitment our speakers make to this event. We appreciate you taking the time to submit your story!

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We have come to NY Tech Summit for four years now and my team and I get a good variety of technical, business, and strategic sessions to complement our work objectives. I like that there is a balance of end users, consultants, and vendors to present and facilitate the sessions. The interaction is candid and engaging, but not a sales pitch. Being a regional conference helps, it is the right amount of time and location for a couple days to reenergize my team and refocus on our objectives. There seems to be quite a bit of peer discussion with a smaller conference, which I like.

- Randy
Director of IT