Speaker: toby coleridge
Company: HivelO

AI is everywhere and set to eat the datacenter alive, but how can you get business advantage from it?

The technological advances in AI have been more rapid than any other technology in history - playing Go is really really hard, but how does this help your business? We will look at how AI is changing hardware and software across the datacenter, providing more business insight, faster times to market, and that holy grail--lower costs.   AI is a term that is used so often and broadly that the meaning has been diluted.  Come and take a look at how AI is starting to transform the datacenter and what this means for your business.

Toby Coleridge is a technology executive and product leader with more than 15 years of experience building industry-leading cloud and virtualization products. He has a wide variety of experience in both global organizations and startups. He is currently the VP of Product at HiveIO.

Toby Coleridge