Speaker: jim haskins
Company: Cisco Systems, Inc.

Connected Communities and Automated Transportation Planning

Building and maintaining infrastructure is a concept that is not new to communities. Facilities, Roads, Utilities etc. are part of the landscape and are the responsibility and offering of the local government.

Building infrastructure is not a new concept in technology either. networks, communications, integrations and digital services have become the standard in our day to day lives.

The two types of infrastructure we see today as separate, have already begun converging into one. Cities are becoming smarter, Roads are becoming connected, Buildings and Facilities and Utilities are being digitally enabled.

As we continue to move in the direction of this convergence, having a plan, an architecture and a place to start will help ensure that the foundational infrastructure can support the digital integrations that are forthcoming

In this meeting we will discuss how to build the secure foundation for: Connected & Intelligent Transportation, how we can use that connectivity to enable smart city services, and aid in bridging the digital divide.