Speaker: dave cedrone
Company: Cisco

Hyperconvergence – Why now and how to plan for it?

Hyperconvergence has seen significant growth in the past few years. Come learn why organizations of all sizes are choosing to implement this technology to better serve their user community. Find out what traditional data center problems can be solved through the use of hyperconvergence. Learn what pitfalls to be aware of when choosing a hyperconverged solution and when hyperconvergence may not be a good fit.

David Cedrone is a leader storage and Hyperconverged infrastructure. He leads Cisco’s engineering team as their Sr. Systems Engineering Manager for the U.S.
David has been in the storage industry his entire technical career, Previous to Cisco, he spent almost 10 years at EMC. Initially as a Systems Test Engineer, testing and debugging the Symmetrix platform for manufacturing. Then, as a Sales Engineer, for the North East region. In his last year at EMC, David was the technical trainer for EMC’s new hire program, teaching their Account Managers everything from what a server is, to what a VMax is, and how to sell it.   

Dave Cedrone