Speaker: rick dallmann
Company: CABLExpress

The Race to 400Gb; The Data Center's Fiber Optic Infrastructure Challenges

The challenge for data center managers in particular is maintaining fiber path polarity and connector genders for easy migration from duplex serial transmission to parallel transmission and vice versa. The Telecommunications Industry Association has three approved polarity methods as standards specified in the document named ANSI/TIA-568.3-D. These three polarity methods are titled Method A, B and C. These methods define light path and connectivity methods for duplex and parallel signals, known as type A and Type B cords. All three standard methods support duplex, multi-fiber and parallel links, however each of these methods have several limitations, placing a huge burden on managers. Also, with transmission speeds approaching 400G and shrinking loss budgets, follow "just the standards" for interconnections will exceed link budgets in and structured cabling systems. This presentation addresses and solves these issues

Rick Dallmann is Director, Data Center Architecture, for CABLExpress and has more than 24 years’ experience in the design and implementation of fiber optic cabling solutions. His passion is for working on the advancement of cabling standards.
Dallmann serves on the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Telecommunications Cabling Systems Engineering Committee (TR-42), which develops and maintains standards for optical fiber, balanced twisted-pair copper and other telecommunications and data cabling systems and components.
He also participates on the following TIA engineering sub committees: Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling (TR-42.1); Telecommunications Copper Cabling Systems (TR-42.7); Optical Systems (TR-42.11); Optical Fibers and Cable (TR-42.12) and Passive Optical Devices and Fiber Optic Metrology (TR-42.13); all which develop specifications for associate standards in the TIA standards documents.
Dallmann is part of a collaborative TIA team that develops, recommends and maintains standards, which define best practices in cabling and infrastructure, cabling standards, cabling system topology, installation, testing and performance requirements. Currently, the TIA team is in the revision process for the TIA-942-B, the Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers. 
Dallmann is an expert speaker and has given presentations on industry trends and best practices for data center infrastructure at several conferences, including BICSI, AFCOM, NY Tech Summit, and more. 
Dallmann authored the article, "The Impact of Emerging Data Rates on Layer One Fiber Cabling Infrastructures," which was published in ICT Today, the official trade journal of BICSI. His podcast, Simplifying Fiber Optic Cabling with a Multi-Path Solution, can be heard on the CABLExpress website. He earned his bachelor’s degree in commerce and engineering from Drexel University.

Rick Dallmann