The Best of Both Worlds: On-premise technology with a "Pay-as-You-Use" cloud/consumption model

Speaker: matt geurink
Company: Winthrop Resources
Track: Cloud Strategies
Day: Thursday
Room: Cayuga
Time: 3:30 - 4:15

For IT leaders tasked with managing the data center, the rise of public cloud offerings has provided a new way for traditionally on-premises workloads to be addressed.  The public cloud's flexibility, operating expense treatment and pay-as-you-use consumption billing can be compelling.  However, the tradeoffs on control, privacy and regulatory compliance can often be too much to overcome.

Come hear how Winthrop is enabling organizations to capture the best of both worlds:  keep an on-premises data center strategy while leveraging a "Pay-as-You-Use" cloud/consumption billing model -- all while capturing superior economics compared to transitioning to a cloud solution.

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It’s a little different perspective than I’ve gotten from other tradeshows, other organizations, other groups. That’s the part that has made it more interesting.

- MJ
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