Cyber Security: Sometimes, Your Gut Isn't The Only Thing Telling You

Speaker: Coming Soon
Moderated By: Roger Benn
Time: 2:15 - 3:15
Room: Showroom

You know it is a risk, they know it is a risk. How do you prove it is a risk? Do you feel like it is common sense to keep your data safe? How do you convince people to see data security as an everyday opportunity for the bad guy? This presentation offers operational, technical, and end user perspectives on how Cyber Security awareness is not just an IT role, but an entire organizational education need. Helping your organization to better understand the breadth of cyber security risks associated with end user behavior and the impact it has on all departments in your organization by discussing: education, audit, compliance, network & data security, and managing up.

Integrating technology awareness into your Cyber Defense can be a challenge for most organizations. You will learn how to articulate the “people risks” in IT and how to best mitigate risks. The Panel will review how to better engage members of your organization to aid in cyber security versus waiting for “IT to protect” them from risks.



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It’s a little different perspective than I’ve gotten from other tradeshows, other organizations, other groups. That’s the part that has made it more interesting.

- MJ
Voice Team Leader