Becoming a Digital Hostage: Dealing with Ransomware & Bitcoin

Speaker: steve stasiukonis
Company: Secure Network Technologies
Track: Functional Security
Day: Thursday
Room: Seneca
Time: 11:00 - 11:45

Always highly profitable but generally opportunistic in reaching its individual victims, digital hostage-taking, especially of the cryptographic variety, is now rapidly developing into a favorite technique of the more strategic, enterprise-focused attacker. You can have your business back, but for a fee in this new cybercrime reality. In this session we'll discuss the scope of this current threat, as well as the best available concepts in prevention and recovery. And with the ransom being Bitcoin, the recovery becomes more complex. Bitcoin being used as money has become highly controversial. It's not country backed, it's anonymous and becoming popular across the planet. The session also covers an explanation of Bitcoin and its use on the Dark Net.

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