How to talk tech, to become a leader

Speaker: vikas bhatia
Company: JustProtect Inc.
Track: Functional Security
Day: Thursday
Room: Seneca
Time: 2:15 - 3:15

Communication is key for Non-technical business leaders. But for many, talking to techies results in their eyes glazing over. Technical analysis, and the language used to provide it, is often too high level for Business leaders, to process and help make the right decisions. In the past, IT was only looked to, to facilitate an availability need. However, times have changed, and business leaders have an obligation to better understand the state of IT at all levels. Until now this was previously unknown. This discussion will center on how anyone in IT, from 1st line, to IT manager or director can communicate their world to the Business and get them on side with initiatives previously ignored. In it we will explore how to simplify what you’re working on, what the gaps are and how you plan to address them verbally and in writing, so that even the most non-technical business leader can understand, and be your champion.

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It’s a little different perspective than I’ve gotten from other tradeshows, other organizations, other groups. That’s the part that has made it more interesting.

- MJ
Voice Team Leader