Physical Security at the Infrastructure Layer

Speaker: rick trombetta
Company: Great Lakes Case & Cabinet

Co-Speaker: dylan hascher
Company: Great Lakes Case & Cabinet
Track: Functional Security
Day: Friday
Room: Seneca
Time: 10:45 - 11:30

As the value of data and equipment in a data center continues to grow, the number of people with access to the data center also grows. This increased access results in a higher risk of internal and external threats against data enclosures and physical assets within a facility. The detrimental nature of recent cyberattacks and attacks against physical assets has prompted increased attention to standards compliance that govern how data should be protected. In response to more stringent standards, improved security is required at the enclosure layer, including: modular cage panels that are able to create a complete "room"; high-quality enclosures that specifically address possible points of penetration; and various levels of access control solutions ranging from mechanical handles to RFID, PIN, and biometrics. Used in conjunction with each other, these security measures at the enclosure level are able to effectively detect, delay, and deter breaches within the data center.

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