Does this sound familiar. You and a small IT team are attempting to give employees the tools they want, customers the digital experience they want, and the business the innovation it wants.

Standing in your way? A little something called reality. Between continually bolstering security systems, managing and updating existing applications, solving issues du jour, and dealing with a bazillion vendors — you’re trudging up a sand dune.

Business is looking for highly secure, reliable, affordable, and simple IT products that will grow with your business.
You have big plans for your business - and they don't include managing complex, multivendor IT solutions.

  • Subtract complexity, add productivity - Reduce costs and streamline operations with simple business IT solutions that help drive digital business transformation.
  • Solutions that scale as your business grows - Your technology should grow with you. You want business solutions are tailored to the size of your business and the size of your budget.
  • Products that work together seamlessly - Forget disparate systems that don't play well with others. One simplified and highly secure platform ensures smooth IT system integration.

Businesses of any size can simplify IT. Cisco Meraki creates powerful cloud-managed

Simple IT - Stop surviving. Start thriving.


Speaker: gil brouillette
Friday 9:00am