Speaker: jill van hoesen
Company: Westelcom

Drive Business Efficiency through Digital Transformation

It’s rare to find a business today that’s solely a 9-to-5 operation. The most successful businesses have become more fluid, using cloud and mobile technology to communicate and share information with customers, partners and suppliers in different time zones or even different countries. Cloud storage helps synchronize information across different devices, so your team, customers, and suppliers have access to the data they need. Cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools keep everyone who’s offsite online and in touch, allowing your business to better broaden reach and compete within the market. Whether it’s for enhancing teamwork and productivity or empowering different work styles and reducing costs, businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of the convergence of cloud and mobile technology, as it has become more and more common that workers will work wherever, however and on whatever device they prefer, whether they run on iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems.

Jill Van Hoesen is the Director of Business Development for the Westelcom Family of Companies.  Ms. Van Hoesen is responsible for cultivation of new business from both existing and potential clients while augmenting current and developing new service and product offerings.  Ms. Van Hoesen also serves as Information Security Officer enhancing the corporate cyber security posture by implementing and managing a comprehensive cybersecurity program insuring various regulatory compliance. Ms. Van Hoesen's career spans over 30 years in executive information technology roles in government, finance and media. Most recently, Ms. Van Hoesen was the CIO for the Johnson Newspaper Corporation and Business Tech Byte columnist for NNY Business Magazine. During her tenure with Johnson Newspaper, Ms. Van Hoesen was responsible for audience growth and development through core and digital business strategies while developing product platforms and services designed to increase audience and market revenue share. Prior to her tenure at Johnson Newspaper Corporation, Ms. Van Hoesen was the IT Operations Manager for Redwood Bank and Northern Credit Union where she managed all aspects of the information technology departments while developing and implementing the internal information security and compliance programs to varying applicable governing guidelines.   Ms. Van Hoesen holds a BA in Computer Science from Central Connecticut State University.  Ms. Van Hoesen holds certifications in HIPAA Security and HIPAA Awareness for Business Associates. Ms. Van Hoesen presently serves as Chairman of the United Way of Northern New York's Over the Edge Committee and is Secretary and Past President of the Theresa Rotary.

Jill Van Hoesen