Speaker: tim roberts
Company: EPS Vermont

Empowering the User...And Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Traditionally everyone thinks of a store employee when they think of customer service. With IT, everyone is a customer, from the internal end user, any external client the business deals with, to even others in IT. Some users are not technical, they only understand how to use the application the way they were taught by someone else and can be resistant to change due to fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) that they could seem "stupid" or be embarrassed when you try to show them another way. Rather than criticise, act like its a "little known trick" that they can show others! This not only empowers them it makes them feel good too, both to themselves and towards you and IT. If you teach them rather than do it for them, they will feel a little more empowered, may show their coworkers how to do what you showed them, and also not call next to!e it happens. It's a win for everyone.

I have been working in IT since around 2002, but have been 'in IT' since the mid-90's, starting with DOS, WinX/NT, MacOS and basic networking that originated when learning how to use CAD in university before migrating into the IT side. I grew up in Northern Ireland and moved to the US in 2002 and have worked in various industries since then - educational, insurance, medical research, investment banking and currently in IT for an environmental cleanup company. Some of the companies include small regional business to larger national or international corporations.

Tim Roberts