Speaker: jeremy schiefer
Company: Innovative Solutions

Cloud-first by 2020

The public cloud is now mainstream. It is no longer a matter of 'if' you move to the cloud, but 'how' and 'how fast'. During this session, we talk about the significant business benefits of moving workloads to the cloud. We talk about the 6 application migration strategies, "The 6 R's" and how they may apply to your business. Lastly, we discuss how an organization's IT can now shift their focus as the workloads are optimized and the effort is spent on the business logic and serving your customers rather than the infrastructure hosting the application.

Jeremy is the Lead Cloud Architect at Innovative Solutions helping businesses migrate workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Jeremy currently holds all five of the AWS certifications as well as 20+ other industry standard certifications. Over the last 6 years, Jeremy has partnered with many businesses in practically all industries to create, maintain and iterate on their cloud infrastructure.

Jeremy Schiefer
Innovative Solutions