Speaker: vikas bhatia

Being Here Now

When taking a closer look at high-profile breaches over the past several years, its readily apparent that many of us are missing the mark on basic security maintenance. Much of this is driven by a lack of vision into the current state of our networks and security infrastructure. In this session, we will show you how to take advantage of real-time analysis to drive active remediation.

1 - Point in Time vs Active Analysis

2 - Incorporation of Risk Intelligence

3 - Realtime Remediation

Vikas Bhatia is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of JustProtect Inc. ( https://JustProtect.co) Headquartered in Manhattan, NY., JustProtect is a regulatory compliance SaaS platform that allows organizations of all sizes to simplify their compliance to regulations such as 23nycrr500.  

Vikas has over 19 years' enterprise information technology experience with over 18 years dedicated to information security operations, auditing, compliance and consulting engagements.  He has held senior consulting positions at the Federal Reserve Bank, Deloitte & Touché and Cap Gemini.  He has served almost 100 enterprises in the financial services, healthcare and government sectors.

Vikas has been recognized as an Advanced Degree holder in Information Risk Management from Pennsylvania State University.

Vikas Bhatia