Speaker: jeff miller
Company: Cyberstone Security

Co-Speaker: john flory
Company: Cyberstone Security

Cybersecurity Takes A Village: Governance, Legal, and Cyber Perspectives

Panelists will take the audience through current concerns and trends from various industry leaders and perspectives. Cybersecurity isn't just an IT issue. It requires a concert of people working together. Governance - How to pick a framework, how do you measure progress effectively? Legal - What experience do you have with cybersecurity? What implications are you seeing from new regs like GDPR? Cyber - What are the key provisions of GDPR? What are the biggest compliance and security mistakes you're seeing across industries and company sizes?

Jeff Miller is a unique blend of engineer, teacher, and evangelist of all things cybersecurity. His roots in cybersecurity stem from his engineering degree and tenure at the nation's second largest law firm, where he regularly defended against ransomware, the hacktivist group Anonymous, distributed denial of service attacks, and various other threats. Jeff spends much of his time educating organizations on how to adhere to both security regulations and best practices around cybersecurity. Jeff lives, breathes, and bleeds cybersecurity. It's not just what he does; it's who he is.

Jeff Miller

John D. Flory III recognized cyber security expert will be sharing his insight and experience in the realm of physical, social and cyber security concepts. During John's 22 year tenure in the security field he has spoken at numerous conferences including key notes at the Symantec Global conference, New York State School Boards Association, New York Bankers conference, Entrepreneur Organizations, New York State Department of Homeland Security forum and several other diverse venues. John's hands on security experience dealing with real time cyber security attacks and remediation offers a valuable resource to organizations cyber preparation.  John's leading edge approach has allowed him to help create human firewalls as one of the key pillars of defense.

John Flory
Cyberstone Security