Speaker: james carroll oscp
Company: Secure Network Technologies

DarkWeb Dissection-Leveraging the Hidden layer of the Internet

The Internet contains three distinct parts; the "Surface Web", the "Deep Web" and the "Dark Web". This program will explain the Dark Web and how to access its controversial content. This session will provide attendees the tools and knowledge they need to know to gain access to the Dark Web, locate content safely while maintaining anonymity. The session will also explain digital currencies like Bitcoin and how it is used to acquire products and services from Dark Markets. The presentation also includes a live demo of the Darkweb, gaining access to various Dark Markets, as well as searching and acquiring stuff you cant buy on Amazon.

James Carroll is a penetration tester, information security engineer and "ethical hacker" for Secure Network Technologies. James has extensive experience in breaking security defenses and locating sensitive information inside corporate networks, and exfiltrating that data in ways that are hard for normal security defenses to recognize. James has worked with Fortune 100 organizations, professional sports teams, large publicly traded companies and some of the leading security software vendors with the goal of breaking in, stealing data, and working with the client to further secure the holes that were exploited.

James Carroll, OSCP
Secure Network Technologies