Speaker: keith robertson
Company: GreyCastle Security

Vendor Risk; The Back Door You Can't Leave Unlocked

As we've seen time and time again, cybercriminals take the path of least resistance. Based on recent high profile breaches, hackers have learned that contractors and other third-party providers can provide an opening into otherwise-secured corporate networks. You've spent time, money and energy securing your organization internally, only to have the back door wide open. How can you extend your internal security controls to your vendors and help reduce your organization's risk? Join GreyCastle Security for an in-depth look into vendor risk management. Learn what's working, what's not, and how your organization can better manage one of the most challenging security issues facing organizations today.

Keith Robertson is a Chief Security Architect at GreyCastle Security. As a former CSO for a Fortune 50 company, enterprise risk officer, and recipient of 4 patents, Keith has over 20 years' experience with governance, risk, and compliance.  Solution and business operations oriented, he has assisted hundreds of companies with the development, implementation, and management of security solutions and established the governance, oversight, and risk management necessary to provide board visibility into program successes.

Keith Robertson
GreyCastle Security