Hybrid evolution of Cloud Storage

Speaker: alan mcdonald
Company: allconnected
Track: Tech Talk Roundtables
Day: Thursday
Room: Chautauqua/Canandaigua
Time: 12:00 - 12:45

Data breaches are a common occurrence.  Your customers, and their end users, are thinking more about where they are storing their data, and how that data is being managed. 

To help answer their questions, we’ll examine the benefits of cloud storage. This includes how to eliminate data loss prevention, four key considerations in provisioning cloud storage, five sizing/pricing common questions, and consumer v. enterprise, a look at security/authentication/encryption controls, performance benefits of SLAs, and how to best meet HIPPA regulatory compliance.

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This is a great time to network. It’s a great time to come out and see what the new products are… I find this very informative.

- James
Manager, IT Services