Speaker: dr kaz
Company: Competitive Balance

Going Beyond Stuck - How to Disaster Proof Your Organization

"It's a one-of-a-kind training process that’s a party. There's prizes (over $7.500.00 – yes you read that correctly!), challenges, competitions - individual and small teams, “ think Jerry Springer meets book club!

Designed to get maximum results in minimum time. Focus is on helping participants become solution seekers (concise decision makers) while having fun, team building, and learning better communication skills along the way. This 3-step process looks at challenges – boo boos to bombshells and then generates hundreds of workable solutions that save your company time, money, duplication of effort and best of all --- every company that has played have saved or made thousands of dollars during the process.

Through a proprietary process, attendees learn Dr KAZ's ""speed solution seeking component which consistently generates dozens and sometimes hundreds of workable solutions, possibilities and even new strategies in under 7 minutes. One of the best outcomes for your organization is that your attendees learn a process that develops them into solution seeking self-managed team members. Bonus: they become brilliant at Jeopardy!"

Dr KAZ, is an award winning international speaker, author and coach who has worked with Fortune 100 companies, international associations, Olympic teams and 34 Olympians from US, Australian and Pacific Rim.  She's known to many throughout the world as the "Gitter Done Gal".

KAZ works with movers and shakers and impact makers on getting unstuck and teaching how to live in "Competitive Balance “ where intensity meets inner peace and momentum explodes.  When you're seeking more power, passion, pizzazz, and peace that impacts your productivity and profits “ call KAZ.  

Discover how you and your attendees go "Beyond Stuck" and dynamically improve your work environment.  

She enlightens and empowers audiences to challenge what is, change what is not working and champion causes that impact the greater good. 

In her own words, "I work with people who want to BE more and organizations that want to DO more."  KAZ lives by her credo "I'd rather wear out than rust out!"  

Remember:  You are either an influencer or being influenced the choice is ALWAYS yours!
You are either an influencer or being influenced “ the choice is always yours!



Competitive Balance