Speaker: matt france
Company: Fortinet

Fortifying the Enterprise Network with NGFW and Secure SD-WAN

Fortinet Network Security leverages a single operating system that works across different network security use cases. FortiGate NGFW with integrated Secure SD-WAN reduces complexity by incorporating various point products into NGFW features. FortiGate provides automated visibility into cloud applications and IoT devices. The Security Fabric automatically discovers end to end topology view of the Enterprise Network and also protects it from known and unknown attacks via automated actions.

Fortinet’s NGFW and Secure SD-WAN solution solves the challenges of today’s highly adaptive threat landscape, provides enhanced visibility into cloud applications and IoT devices and protects the entire dynamic environment with automated actions and a simple to use WAN path controller. Participants who attend this workshop will learn how to:

  • Reduce Complexity with Industry-leading Security Effectiveness
  • Enhance Visibility with Automated Action
  • Apply Software-defined networking (SDN) to control wide area networks in an enterprise environment
  • Implement application control and traffic shaping over SD-WAN
  • Use FortiManager to enable unified policy across thousands of enterprise branches
  • Accomplish zero-touch deployment with FortiDeploy
  • Configure virtualized products supporting WAN aggregation while gaining hand-on experience