Speaker: bruce cheney
Company: Cyberstone Security

Co-Speaker: jeff miller
Company: Cyberstone Security

Live, interactive penetration test (hacking) demonstration – how the pros "get in"

The term “hacker” gets thrown around a lot, with a sprinkling of mystery and awe. The truth is, penetration testing (ethical hacking), is a systematic, structured process wherein security professionals answer these two questions: (1) “How hackable is an organization?” and (2) “How effective are an organization’s security controls?”

Black hat (unethical) hackers are constantly looking to find areas of weakness and exploit them. However, they’re doing it for financial or other nefarious gain.

This session will remove some of the mystery behind how hackers, ethical or not, break through defenses by showing real tools, commands, and exploitation techniques, explained by Senior Cybersecurity Analyst, Bruce Cheney. Questions are welcomed!

“Know your enemy and know yourself, and in one hundred conflicts you will naturally prevail.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War